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Zach "The Smooth Operator" Ortega, Partner and CEO

Western Washington University Graduate in Marketing. Zach has always been an entrepreneur at heart. At five, he was the owner of a lemonade stand, and today is the CEO of Igloo Rolls.
Zach dabbles in just about every piece of the business, from Finance and Accounting, to Operations, and collaborating with Brian in Marketing. The two met in their Marketing major at Western, and have been on a roll ever since.

Zach is an adrenaline junkie that is always down to try something new. Some of his dreams include: climbing Mt. Rainier, starting his own franchise, and learning how to ride a bike (seriously, he doesn’t know how to ride a bike). He is a workaholic, and a twerkaholic -- work hard, dance harder. He believes that the bathroom is the best place to think, and claims it's where his best ideas are formulated.

Cameron "The Creator" Ortega, Partner and CIO

University of Washington graduate in Communcations and Post Graduate at Laughy Sinclair Clown College. Cameron is a self-proclaimed foodie that uses these experiences to gather taste ideas and unique combinations when he is in the lab making flavors for Igloo Rolls.

When Cameron isn't rolling chill with that 'Igloo life', he enjoys spending time with his wife, Amelia, and playing with his fur babies, BB and Po. He is a cinephile, audiophile, and a fiend for new experiences and travels. You can find him at music festivals getting weird or reading up on the current state of the Marvel Universe.

Brian "The Vision" Haug, Partner and Marketing Director

Western Washington University Graduate; Double-Major in Marketing and Communication Studies. Brian is a dessert enthusiast and a graphic novel aficionado. His marketing strategies and content concepts are the love-children of his hobbies and education.

Brian is also cheese-food connoisseur, thrill-seeker, and typically chooses hard-cider over beer. When he isn't in the gym counteracting his dairy-heavy diet, he can be found watching Marvel movies or writing proposal letters in his never-ending quest to win the heart of Mandy Moore. Brian one day hopes to own a Corgi and a Pug.

Igloo Rolls would not be possible without the love and support of our families, friends, and backers. We would like to especially thank:
Greg Gardner, Erin Kampe, Kelsey Reichert, Kelli Mckeown, Sarah Zook,
Andy Officer, Hilary Little, Alain Flores, Paul Burke, Nathaniel Wharton,
Heidi Shattuck, Mark Decker, Kat Scanlon, Max Barenberg, Minh Tran,
Ram Biyani, Aaron White, Eduardo Ordonez, Rohit Nistala, Jessica Laney,
Nataly Wickham, Vanessa Parraga, Britney Bond, Michael Bond, McCall Schilling,
Sebastian Miller, Brian Sweeney, Kurtis Klinebriel, David Young, Aubrey Bond,
Lori schwantner, Lauren DiRe, Allison Waters, Julia Tidik, Tara Craig,
Kaitlen Williams, Devin Gorham, Shannel Mullan, Christine Markum,
Zulay Ramierez Love, Jess Underhill, the Vanscoyoc Family, Jessica Cox,
Andrew Teimouri, Andy Halbert, Daniel Mock, Jessica Cave, Jack Duncan,
Aaron Wright, Sami Jo Wright, Roselynn Cuenca, Chase Tyler Krumins,
Sasha Bessonova, Eric Zurcher, Linda Brantner, James Le, John Anderson,
Kyle Werttemberger, Inga Neuman, David Yabusaki, Margaret Williams,
Shaina Magat, Julia Sands, Jill DeAnne Burns-Leon, Judi Wharton, Beau Schott,
Lisa Contreras, Kathleen Tajiri, Alexandria Ulrich, Patrick Hoey,
Cassandra Weber, Kyle Nyberg, Laurie Bischof, Taylor Weber, Ronda Gorham,
Tio Chuco, Tia Leslie, Taylor Patzkowski, Mary Eagle, Michelle Carlson,
Michelle van Wandelen, Julie Bruemmer, Laura Deaton, Nafiisah Renshaw,
Triss Weber, Candice Stevens, Nancy Schuette, Leigh Fry,
Mary Bruemmer and Janiece Haug

Geena Pietromonaco for Content Direction

Jamsheed Mistri and Mike Dwyer for Web Development

and Amy Davies for Graphic Design